Preco Electronics Collision Mitigation technology​

PRECO provides complete safety solutions for the wide variety of construction vehicles. Operating in extreme environments, construction vehicles require safety solutions that can perform effectively regardless of environmental elements.
With PRECO Preview Radar Systems, heavy-duty equipment operators can focus on the job at hand, knowing that they will be notified if a person or object is in their blind zone. PRECO’s radar-based collision mitigation systems provide the operator with an audible and visual warning alert when an object is detected. The addition of up to 4 cameras allows the operator to identify and locate the object in the blind zone after receiving the alert.
PRECO’s PreView Side Defender II radar protects the blind spot on fleet vehicles by actively alerting an operator when turning or changing lanes if there is an object, vehicle or person in their side blind spots. When combined with a camera system, such as the PreView Plus system, or an existing camera system, (integrated via the PreView VideoLink), operators will have the most effective object detection system.