SuperDroid LT2-F “Bulldog”

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Light Tracked Support Robot with a Multi-Axis Robotic Arm

The LT2-F “Bulldog” Tactical Support Robot is our best-selling tactical robot. Qualified in a grueling series of NIST tests, this tracked robot is a perfect balance of speed, power, size, weight, and mobility. The LT2-F Bulldog has all the features of our Bloodhound with the addition of a removable multi-axis arm!

The Bulldog can climb household stairs and obstacles. For more aggressive terrain and obstacles, the LT2-F has a set of rear flipper arms to lift the robot up and over. They also act as a stabilizer to prevent rollover on steep inclines. The removable multi-axis arm makes the Bulldog a versatile tool. It’s ideal for clearing rooms, removing suspicious packages, remote observation, and more! The arm is easy to remove for different missions and clearance requirements. Without the arm, the Bulldog can fit under cars, beds, and into tight spaces. With the arm installed, the robot can open doors, move and inspect objects, and look over furniture.

Our standard LT2-F package includes the robot, removable multi-axis arm, and control system. Other options are available, including powerful lights, travel case, advanced cameras, and more!

Manipulate Objects

With the Multi-axis arm, things like doors will no longer stop you from surveying potentially dangerous locations. Pick up or move suspicious objects without putting anyone in harm’s way.

Remote Surveillance

The 30X zoom tilt camera in the nose of the LT enables the user to view from a safe distance even in low light. The additional arm-mounted camera provides the perfect angle for operating the robot’s grip.

Bomb Disposal

Our UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) is an excellent choice to keep people out of harm’s way when it comes to Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), bomb diffusing, and removal of Improvised Explosive Device (IED), pipe bombs, pressure cookers, etc.

Hostage + Hazardous Patrol

Survey hostile/hazardous situations staying out of harm’s way.

Clearing Rooms Remotely

Clear rooms and buildings remotely with audio and video surveillance.

Overcome Stairs & Obstacles

The tracked design allows this robot to climb over most obstacles and go up and down most stairs.


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