New From Q-Track! – NFER® Proximity Detection & Collision Avoidance System

Q-Track’s NFER® Proximity Detection System (PDS) provides location awareness and collision avoidance capability for automated equipment like overhead cranes. The system is designed for applications where line-of-sight collision avoidance is not adequate. PDS has been particularly effective for fast moving overhead cranes on a factory floor. Line-of-sight systems can not detect employees around corners, bending over, or hidden behind a pallet. The NFER® PDS enhances worker safety by triggering an alert or automatically shutting down equipment that might be too close.
The NFER® PDS Locator-Receiver can be configured to automatically shut down moving equipment that comes too close to workers, then restart the equipment once workers are a safe distance away.
Q-Track’s PDS protects your team from moving machinery, even behind obstructions, around corners, and beyond line-of-sight.