More Visibility for Better Efficiency

Video and Fiber solutions for Manufacturing Facilities

Improving Forklift Safety in Warehouses

SafeSpot - A Collision Avoidance System that Reduces Accidents in the Workplace

The new wireless collision avoidance system, SafeSpotTM, reduces accidents in the workplace. Forklift accidents cost an estimated $3.7 billion per year in the U.S. and are the cause of 20,000 serious injuries including 100 deaths. SafeSpotTM is a simple, inexpensive solution that increases safety while ensuring OSHA compliance.

The production line of electronic board with microchip.The electronics board production process.

Control Board Repairs

We are able to repair control boards for equipment that is no longer under manufacturer warranty.

An unrecognizable industrial woman engineer in a factory with laptop sitting at the desk, typing.

Remote VPN Machine Control

Allow your engineers to remotely manage systems and equipment in a secure manner.


Process Control Room Design

We can consolidate your operational controls in an efficient, effective control room design.

Electrical supplies in switchgear cabinet diagonal shot

Custom PLC Control Cabinet Build Outs

We can build custom control panels for any of your plant machines, giving you centralized control no matter how varied your plant operations.


Smart Robotic Camera Equipment

Get enhanced visibility into your operations, even from remote locations.


Thermal Cameras

Stay on top of your environment by deploying cameras with a 6th sense, that can detect faults before they become hazards.

If you need better visibility into your industrial automation, we are the solution

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