Marshall VSC-100 AV Consolidator Bridge

The Marshall VSC-100 AV Consolidator Bridge easily connects HDMI video and professional audio sources to a computer for video production, conferencing, and recording. Simple to use plug-and-play design coupled with a high-fidelity audio front-end makes integration a breeze. Select either one of two HDMI video sources with the flip of a switch. Active loop-through outputs keep sources available for other purposes such as feeding monitors and recorders.

Select either the incoming HDMI audio or external analog audio sources for the HDMI and USB outputs. Either source may also be independently selected for the analog output, allowing one source to be monitored while the other passes to a computer or monitor.


  • Two selectable HDMI 2.0 inputs with active loop-through dual outputs
  • Independent audio gain controls for dual audio input sources
  • Wide gain control range accommodates low output microphones up to line level sources
  • USB 3.0 computer interface with UVC control and scaling
  • Simple plug-and-Play operation. Driver installation not required for most applications
  • Compatible with popular applications including Zoom, Skype, OBS Studio, and more


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