PreView Monitor 5 HD

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Heavy equipment operators work in environmentally challenging locations. Many of the monitors marketed to heavy-duty industries are not built to withstand the abuse that open-cab equipment inflicts on technology. The PreView Monitor 5 HD is built tough. Its 5-inch screen in encased in a waterproof, aluminum housing with IP67 protection rating.

This 5″ heavy-duty monitor can be paired with any one of our camera options. If you’re looking for a camera as tough as the PreView Monitor 5 HD then you’ll want to check out the Heavy-Duty Cam. If you need a flexible field of view, our Mini Cam offers three wide field of view options.


• Waterproof aluminum housing
• IP67 protection rating
• Multi-language selection
• 5″ heavy-duty monitor with LCD screen
• Three camera input
• 800 X 480 resolution


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