Allen Bradley 45LMS Laser Measurement Sensors

Bulletin 45LMS Laser Measurement Sensors offer an excellent mid- to long-range measurement solution. Available in three ranges, this sensor uses the Time of Flight (ToF) principle and has a relatively small beam spot, even from a distance of 50m.


  • Incorporates embedded IO-Link communication protocol to help minimize downtime and increase productivity
  • IO-Link enabled sensors offer advanced features and diagnostics including Automatic Device Configuration, multiple profiles, trending, descriptive tags, and device specific parameters
  • Includes diffuse range: 8m (Class 1 laser); 15m (Class 2 laser)
  • Offers retroflective model range: 50m
  • Includes one discrete output (1 x NPN/PNP) and one analog output (1 x 4…20 mA)
  • Accurate to ± 24mm (± 0.98 in.)
  • Provides fast response time of 10ms


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