Allen-Bradley LaserSight 9000 Photoelectric Laser Sensors

Bulletin 42GR LaserSight™ 9000 Photoelectric Laser Sensors are ideal for tough sensing applications that require a longer range, when the environment is dusty or dirty, or when the object to be sensed is small. The Class I laser source provides a visible red beam for easy alignment even at these distances. Use this sensor when your application calls for precision and maximum sensing range.


  • Class I laser light source
  • Sensing distance of 39.6 m (130 ft) for the polarized retro-reflective sensor
  • Sensing distance of 304.8 m (1000 ft) for the transmitted beam sensor
  • Visible red beam for easy alignment
  • Robust 30 mm housing
  • Both NPN and PNP outputs (DC)
  • SPDT relay output (AC)
  • Selectable light/dark operate
  • Micro, mini QD, 2 m cable connections



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